Q: Who comprises the Legacy Organization?

A: The Legacy Organization is almost completely comprised of family members of Survivors, Lost-at-Sea, recovery crew and former crew. The Legacy Organization has opened its membership to people who are connected to the story in some way, such as friends, reunion volunteers and others who have been involved in sharing the story of USS Indianapolis CA-35.

Q: Are the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization reunions diminishing in attendance or stature?

A: Absolutely not. As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis CA-35, we find it inevitable that the actual number of Survivors will decrease each year due to loss or inability to travel. However, the attendance at reunions by families of Survivors and Lost-at-Sea continues to see a steady increase. Each year brings new connections, and the enthusiasm grows. Relationships with the active duty Navy continue to improve, with several senior Navy officials in recent attendance. Targeted outreach, recent documentaries, books, films, and the discovery of the ship itself have provided opportunities to connect with new generations of family and friends linked to the story of Indianapolis. Speakers keep the topics fresh, engaging and informative, bringing honor and focus to the crew of USS Indianapolis CA-35. Merchandise sales are steady due to the popularity of the selections of logo wear items. There is a high percentage of return participants each year wishing to build on their knowledge and relationships.

Q: Does the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization support the Legacy Organization?

A: Wholeheartedly, and there are several important reasons why: 1. The Legacy Organization has committed that it will not support any initiative, movie, book, documentary, or event that the Survivors Organization does not believe is in the best interest of the ship, its crew, or its legacy. 2. The Legacy Organization has fully complied with non-profit organization requirements. It has shared with the Survivors Organization its tax-exempt records and its financial status. It has demonstrated to the Survivors and Lost-at-Sea families that the Legacy Organization is operating in a professional manner compliant with non-profit law. 3. The meetings and paperwork for the Legacy Organization are publicly open and accessible to interested parties. 4. The Legacy Organization is fully compliant with its bylaws. 5. The Legacy Organization has demonstrated that its activities support events that are meaningful to the Indy family at large. For example, the Legacy Organization is organized to provide focused programs. Opportunities for members to be involved include: a. Reunions – planning, coordinating, volunteering. b. Membership – finding and engaging Gold Star (LAS) families, reaching new generations of Survivor families, as well as former crew, rescue crew, friends, educators, etc. c. Education – reaching out to expand curriculum opportunities through state and local educators, as well as distance learning. d. Fundraising – supporting reunion and educational efforts. e. Website – providing easily accessible, factual information on the story of USS Indianapolis CA-35, including its history, events, news updates, and other relevant information. f. Bylaws – keeping the organization current and relevant to its membership. g. Flag – honoring the requests from family of the final sailing crew to have a memorial flag flown over the USS Indianapolis CA-35 h. National Memorial.Strategic Planning – charting a course for the future. 6. No other organization has been able to prove to the Survivors Organization that they meet these standards.

Q: Does the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization support other auxiliary groups?

A: The Legacy Organization came from a grassroots movement among volunteers to actively support the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization’s events and programs and bring honor to this historic ship and her crew. While other auxiliary groups have served the Survivors through the years, the Legacy Organization is the only group officially recognized and endorsed by the Survivors Organization.

Q: How can I find out more about the Legacy Organization?

A. Our dedicated website is here at this website, You may also visit the Survivors Organization’s website at for the latest information on the group, events, Survivor appearances, news, with links to how you can get involved. You can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well. Links are provided on the website.

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